We are a licensed North Carolina and South Carolina general contractor. As such, we are capable of providing all the stormwater device repair, renovation and/or construction services our clients may require. We also do dredging, both excavation and hydraulic. Want a dock or a pier? We can do that too. We specialize in repairing water level control structures (overflow systems), repairing dam and embankment failures, installation of erosion control practices, shoreline stabilization and littoral shelf restoration, sediment excavation and removal (dredging), repair and installation of stormwater drainage conduits.

Stormwater Devices

Annual inspections are required for stormwater devices in the state of North Carolina. When inspections are not passed, a Notice of Violation (NOV) is given to the property owner. This means repairs must be made in a timely manner before fines are issued. We come in to perform these stormwater device repairs. We strongly suggest regular maintenance to avoid the possibility of fines, however, we provide the following services as-needed.

  • Mowing, brush and tree removal
  • Reseeding grass and repairing bare spots
  • Planting and controlling invasive plants along littoral shelves, forebays and shorelines
  • Dredging and sediment removal
  • Drain system repair, renovation and replacement
  • Erosion control
  • Repairing and replacing underlayment fabric and stone in inlet and outlet conveyances
    • We prefer to provide routine inspections and maintenance that avoids NOVs. We understand what regulators in North Carolina want to see and they respect our ability to provide reasonable compliance.

Recreational Lakes and Ponds

Whether large or small, we can handle anything you need done to your recreational lake or pond. We understand dam safety laws and requirements in North Carolina. For over 35 years we have been building, maintaining and repairing fishing lakes and ponds, waterfowl impoundments and ponds used for irrigation, fire protection, swimming and simple aesthetics.

  • Design and permitting
  • Construction
  • Draining and fish removal
  • Renovation
  • Fishery enhancement
  • Swimming beaches
  • Docks and piers
  • Nuisance animal management