For over 35 years, we have constantly studied new methods, products and technologies all aimed at providing our clients with the most up-to-date service possible. We offer multiple levels of service ranging from simple consultation to complete annual maintenance. For the “do-it-yourself” property owner, we carry a wide variety of aquatic products to assist with the maintenance and enjoyment of your lake or pond.

Preventative (annual) maintenance agreements

A pond is just like a lawn. It needs routine maintenance or it will require expensive renovation.

Entering into a full service maintenance Agreement with us is easy and cost effective. With it we simply do everything necessary throughout the year to achieve your objectives, including a detailed report after each maintenance visit. (For Stormwater device service, see our Stormwater BMP section). The service provides the most comprehensive service, with the least amount of hassle for the owner of any lake, pond or stormwater device. The fee is dependent upon your objectives.

We are in the unique position of being able to “do it all”: stock and increase growth of supplemental fish, install and maintain fountains, control nuisance vegetation and manage water quality for productivity and attractiveness. We have a full construction and repair team, knowledgeable in all structural components of lakes, ponds and stormwater devices. During our visits we monitor developing conditions so corrective action can be taken early to prevent expensive problems from developing later.

Full service clients can securely log into’s client login and view their service reports, which detail the work performed during the service visit, as well as view any recommendations for structural repair, fisheries management, erosion control – plus many others!

Corrective (as-needed) Maintenance Agreements

Don’t need an annual maintenance agreement? We provide all of our services on an as-needed basis. Enhancements of all kinds including: docks, piers, feeders, underwater lighting, artificial fish habitats, etc. Typically, we receive service requests for:

  • Water Quality Analysis & Enhancement
  • Aquatic Vegetation Management
  • Fisheries Management
  • Fountain / Aeration Sales, Installation & Repairs
  • Construction and Repairs
  • Dredging
  • Certified Annual Stormwater BMP Inspections
  • Shoreline Stabilization & Erosion Control
  • Beneficial Shoreline Plantings
  • Lake Mapping (bathymetric mapping)
  • Consultations